With more than 25 years in manufacturing and marketing critical care products across 65 countries, Global Medikit consistently provides practical solutions to healthcare problems. We identify need gaps and create new service touch points by pioneering innovative medical disposables for your needs.

Why our customers always stay with us?
We believe in fostering relationships with a lasting impact and recognize customer satisfaction as integral to the larger business cycle. It inspires us to adopt a more customer-centric approach in our deliverable management processes and thereby acquire, retain, and grow our business. Above all, it enables our customers to put their faith in us and create bonds that develop into lasting relationships over the long haul.

Our USP: Painless patient experience
We develop painless solutions that define a better approach towards diagnosis and treatment in hospitals. Our patient friendly state of the art devices guide medical professionals to deliver a painless experience to patients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality, cost-effective healthcare that leverages technology to more adroit lines of treatment.

Our Mission

Global Medikit strives to provide pain-free, advanced healthcare solutions and a more progressive environment for disease control and treatment by pioneering new-age medical disposable products..