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I.V. Infusion set with Airvent and Y-Site

I.V. infusion set with an airvent with bacterial filter integrated above the drip chamber to allow adequate pressure inside the chamber for smooth, uninterrupted fluid flow.

  • Large clear, transparent Flexible drip chamber to facilitate rapid adjustment of fluid.
  • Large Sharp, sleek spike with vents to allow effortless penetration into the IV solution bag.
  • Y-site at distal end for intermittent medication.
  • Hypodermic needle attached to the male luer to prevent contamination.
  • Soft, frosty, kink resistant tubing.
  • Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

Technical Specifications

Product Specification Needle Size Drops per ml. Tubing  Length (cm.) Packing Ref. No. Qty. in carton Inner/ Outer
With large drip chamber and   big clamp 21Gx1.5” 20 150 Soft Blister 4170043G 25/400
I.V infusion set with airvent, with y-site, with DEHP FREE tubing and with small roller clamp 21Gx1.5” 20 150 Paper pouch 4170043G 25/500