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Laryngeal Mask Airway

Maintaining & supporting airway without tracheal intubation.

  • For use in operative procedures, Intensive Care Units and during resuscitation.
  • Consists of an inflatable silicone mask and a rubber connecting tube. The silicone mask is integrated with a pilot balloon. Pilot balloon has one way valve to keep air inside without Leaking.
  • Rubber connecting tube has 15 mm connector.
  • Allows rapid access to the airway, without the support of a laryngoscope or muscle relaxants.
  • Provides ventilation in spontaneous as well as controlled modes.
  • Has the advantage of being used during rescue airway access, following failed intubation.
  • Allows the option of being used as a conduit in fibreoptic laryngoscopy.
  • Attenuation of cardiovascular responses causing minimal changes in the haemodynamic Parameters of the patient during insertion.

Technical Specifications

Size Maximum
Volumes (ml)
Patient Size SingleUse
Laryngeal Mask
Laryngeal Mask
Laryngeal Mask
Qty. in
Inner/ Outer
Ref. No. Ref. No. Ref. No.
1 4 Neonates/Infants up to 5 kg 2032041G 2030041G 2030045G 1/20
7 Infants 5 to 10kg 2032071G 2030071G 2030075G 1/20
2 10 Infants/children 10 to 20 kg 2032101G 2030101G 2030105G 1/20
14 Children 20 to 30 kg 2032141G 2030141G 2030145G 1/20
3 20 Children(small adults) 30 to 50kg 2032201G 2030201G 2030205G 1/20
4 30 Adults 50 to 70 kg 2032301G 2030301G 2030305G 1/20
5 40 Adults 70 to 100 kg 2032401G 2030401G 2030405G 1/20