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Three-way stopcock

Three way stopcock made of polycarbonate

  •  Multiple channels for multiple infusion therapy.
  • Designed to withstand pressure upto 5 bars.
  • Smooth, fully rotatable tap.
  • Stability tested pneumatically and hydrostatically.
  • Tap turns every 360° without limitation.
  • Flow shuts off every 90°.
  • Minimal dead space in ports to ensure precise drug administration and
    maximum infusion flow.
  • Continuous flow channels.
  • Arrow indication marks on top to indicate direction of flow.
  • Low profile for stable and safe positioning.
  • Available in lipid resistant/non-lipid resistant varieties.
  • Available with blue and red pegs for easier identification.
  • Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.
  • Sealed blister packing.

Technical Specifications

Ref. No.
Colour Code Non- Lipid Resistant Lipid Resistant Qty. in carton Inner/ Outer
Blue 4310012G 4320012G 50/500
White 4310022G 4320022G 50/500
Red 4310032G 4320032G 50/500